Food and Beverage Variety

German Grill

True to its name, our German Grill offers a wide selection of grilled German sausages with different sides. In particular, 3 different kind of sausages (Brat-, Knack-, and Weisswurst) come with a side of home-cooked Sauerkraut and on a roll, slices of Leberkäse (German meatloaf) come either the German way with hot German mustard on a roll or as a Burger. We also make our own curried ketchup which makes, together with a Bratwurst, our famous Berlin style Currywurst. Grab a warm Pretzel on the side and you're good to go! Drinks include a variety of soda pops and water and - of course - German Hofbrau Beer.

Hofbrau Beers

We're exclusively serving Hofbrau Beers from Munich/Bavaria. Being available on tap and by the bottle, the variety includes the Hofbrau Original, Hofbrau Dunkel (dark beer), Hofbrau Oktoberfest, and Hofbrau Weizenbier (wheat beer). Bottled beer is available at all stations serving German ready to eat food, tapped beer can be purchased at the Hofbrau Beer stand right next to the German Grill.

Glühwein (Mulled Wine) and Hot Beverages

Glühwein, hot mulled wine, is the MUST DO drink for all visitors of age. No German considers a visit at the local Christmas Market to be finished without having a sip! Choose between a traditional heavy, red wine which is mulled with cinnamon and cloves or a much sweeter white wine with Honey! In case you like it fruity: our Glühwein also comes in a Cherry or Blueberry Flavor. All Glühnwein is imported directly from Nuremberg/ Germany and is a product of Germany. Prost!

Christmas Village also features a large variety of non alcoholic beverages such as hot cider, hot chocolate, tea and - new in 2016 - even a craft coffee maker from Washington, D.C.!

German Gingerbread

Our Hot Beverage booths sell all kinds of Lebkuchen - Gingerbread - made in Germany. Come by and shop the otherwise hard to get goodies such as Stollen, Zimtsterne (Cinnamon Stars), Dominos, and Gingerbreads in all shapes, makes and flavors!

Schnitzel Hut

Some might say it's the most important and delicious dish we Germans serve: Schnitzel! At Christmas Village, we serve pork or chicken Schnitzel either on the roll, as a Schnitzelburger, with Potato Salad or with Latke on the side! Drink options include regular soda pops and bottled water.

Vegetarian option: our menu features Latke's, too! Never heard of this? They are also know as German Potato Pancakes and are best compared to a giant hashbrown. They come with sour cream and apple sauce and combine just the right amount of crispness on the outside with a smooth center. Yum!


Crepe.'s extensive menu features a large variety of sweet and savory crepe creations which will make your mouth water! Try their Nutella crepe with fresh banana, it's heavenly good!

The Nut Roasters

The Nut Roasters offer a large variety of roasted and chocolate covered nuts for you to take home or just to enjoy right away while strolling the market! Make sure to try their bestseller, cinnamon roasted almonds, to get yourself in the right Christmas spirit.

Kurt's Delikatessen - a German Deli

Kurt's Delikatessen features a large variety of German goodies to take home: German Knödel (dumplings), bread, tinned Sauerkraut and Rotkraut (red cabbage), Pickels, coffee, a huge portfolio of mustards of all kind, Spätzle and other German noodles, and much more. Make sure to check out the sweet corner which includes Milka and Ritter chocolates, marzipan products, as well as Haribo gummy bears in various shapes and flavors.

Always worth a glance: their German honey! They are imported directly from Germany and come in traditional flavors as well as more exotic ones like Ginger Honey. And yes, they sample!