Information Booth

Being located at the entrance of the heated festival tent, our friendly information booth staff is there to help you finding your way around at the event. We know which artist is up next on stage, we can point you in the right direction in case you are looking for a specific vendor and can't find it and we are happy to help you with all other questions!

If you liked your stay and want to take home a little memory, swing by and check out our Christmas Village Ornaments, which are sold at the info booth. Or do you like the shining Herrnhut Stars (Moravian Stars) on-top of our outdoor booths? We also sell them here.

Last but not, make sure to check out our Wish Tree, which is located at the information booth. Buy a little heart shaped hanger, write your Christmas wish on there and put it up so that it may come true! Parts of the revenue goes towards a local charity, which makes the whole thing even better as we think!