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Get more insights into our authentic German Christmas Market!



Calling out everyone who promised that they would start buying Christmas gifts early this year! Only two more weeks until Christmas! Why don’t you come over and get it done this weekend? No worries – we’ll help you out. We put together a Gift Guide for you to show you the hotspots for unique giftware at our market.

1) For your pet-friendly loved ones: Piggyback Treats

Piggyback Treats offers sustainably crafted goodies for pets. They ‘piggyback’ with other business like farms and breweries to use their leftovers (real food that was going to waste!) for delicious snacks for cats and dogs. Your fluffy friend will be more than happy if they find a peanut butter bier bone or other treats under the Christmas tree! 

2) For that one friend that can’t get enough dessert: Cynful Bliss

Alcohol-infused desserts. Do we need to add anything here? We don’t think so. The desserts are named after the seven sins and trust us – those desserts are the yummiest sins you can commit. What will be your personal favorite? Cheesecake with Sangria Mixed Berries? Guiness Chocolate Cake? Try them and tell us afterwards!

3) For every man you know: Imperium Woodcraft

A beautiful beard deserves the best care. So step up your shaving game and shave with style by getting one of those beautiful wooden razors. They’re a Baltimore brand and have a huge focus on reducing their impact on our planet by using sustainable wood. And they do not only have razors but also soaps and other care products! Check them out at our market.

4) For all the candle-lovers out there: Milk Reclamation Barn

We all know those girls in our life who is obsessed with the nice smell of candles. Why don’t get another original Baltimore brand for her? Check out the candles of Milk Reclamation Barn. They’re shaped like a farmer’s milk bottle what makes them a wonderful decoration piece. But don’t only look at them: Smell them! There are so many scents to explore!

5) For everyone you truly love: A bottle of our mulled wine

Maybe you already sipped your mulled wine while shopping for your friends and family at all those vendors mentioned above. Why don’t bring some of it home? You can get a bottle of our German Glühwein at every hot beverage bar at our market. You can decide between traditional red, traditional white, cherry, blueberry or spiced apple.


Christmas Village is the perfect place to visit with your whole family during the holiday season. To get an idea of what you can do with your kids at our authentic German Christmas market we put down 5 things that you should definitely check out!

1) Meet Santa, the Christkind and Gingy

Our favorite ensemble would love to welcome your kids in person! The Christkind, Gingy and Santa only meet each other once a year and they want to celebrate their reunion with your whole family! Their big reunion will be on November 30th, 2019, when the Christkind arrives at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to officially open our market. She’ll walk around Christmas Village afterwards. After that, the Christkind needs to return home to Nuremberg, Germany, but her pals, Santa and Gingy, will stay for the holidays for sure! You can take pictures with Santa in his booth on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and on December 23rd and 24th at regular market hours! Since Christmas Village is the beloved home of our Gingy, he’ll be around most days of the event. make sure to say hello when you spot him!


2) Crafting Classes with the Girl Scouts

This year, your little ones are invited to join our Crafting Classes and create their own wonderful ornaments out of play dough and stars out of straw to bring home, right in time for the most wonderful time of the year! The classes will be organized by the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland. The girls will make sure that kids of all ages will have a lot of fun while making decorations of their very own!


3) Ride with the Ferris Wheel

Here’s an insider tip for the most amazing view over the festive Inner Harbor with all its beautiful lights: Take a ride with the Ferris Wheel! Yes, Christmas Village will bring back the 60-foot tall Ferris Wheel to provide your family with an unforgettable experience. Just like last year, it will be located next to the Visitor Center.

4) Sip a Hot Chocolate

No matter how old you are, everyone loves a delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream! Make sure to stop by and enjoy our famous Christmas Village hot chocolate in an exclusive collector’s mug all together!


5) Cheer for your favorite mascot on our Mascot Weekend

Pack your family and come over for our Mascot Parade on Saturday, December 14th, 2019. Christmas Village will partner up with “Mascots for a Cure” and “A Moment of Magic” to bring dozens of beloved mascots from all over Maryland together for one day to meet fans at the Inner Harbor! The mascots will parade along the promenade and are available for photos with your family afterwards. For the grand finale, there will be a Mascot Dance-Off in the heated tent. You can donate money to support “Mascots for a Cure” in their fight against childhood cancer. For the first time, Mascot Weekend will be accompanied by the wonderful Princesses and Superheroes of “A Moment of Magic”. The organization volunteers at children’s hospitals and social service institutions to provide creative programming for children with medical vulnerabilities.



Since we have so many food options at our market, you sure will be overwhelmed! What's the best place to start? Sweet or savory? Just a snack or a complete meal? Should you go for your beloved returning favorite or rather try something new? And when is the right time to enjoy a Glühwein (mulled wine)?

We cannot answer all the questions because we cannot decide either! To make your decision a little bit easier, however, we will present you five of our returning favorites which you should definitely try! New additions of deliciousness will follow… ;-)



The Meatloaf recipe was first invented in the south of Germany. Meatloaf is a kind of baked meat and Germans love to put it on a bun with ketchup or mustard. It is a perfect snack no matter what time it is! Fun Fact: some people even argue that there is a disagreement between different parts of the country on what to call it: “Leberkas” (liver cheese) or “Fleischkäse” (meat cheese). No matter what name you choose, you can neither find cheese nor liver in it.



Yes. We will repeat it: Raclette. Melted. Cheese. The tastiest temptation since cheese exists. We added this treat last year and we are very happy to announce that it will be back in its full cheesiness. And guess what: This year we will even add toppings! Swing by at the Raclette Cheese Wheel and see how the top of the Swiss cheese will be heated up and then scraped off into a bun. All in front of your eyes! Enjoy!



Did someone say FRIES? Yes! Everyone loves these fried sliced potato bites invented by our neighbors back in Europe. Of course, you can enjoy this all-time favorite at Christmas Village! Just the perfect snack to eat while strolling around the market.



What would Christmas Village be without its bratwurst! This is a MUST HAVE for every visitor. Enjoy a flavorful sausage directly from our charcoal grill and served in a bun. You can upgrade your tasty journey by adding Sauerkraut (fine sliced cabbage in a brine), potato salad or a fresh pretzel!



After all these hearty delicacies we now need something sweet! And what is better than a crepe filled with chocolate or fruits? See how this delicious thin crepe dough is baked on a special stone and then sprinkled with your favorite fresh toppings. We believe, that not only the chocolate will melt, but also your heart! And for those who are still thinking about savory: they got savory crepes as well.



Every year, Christmas Village in Baltimore becomes a more authentic German Christmas Market experience. In 2019, we’re stepping up our Christmas game and adding a lot of brand new attractions you should definitely check out! As an early Christmas gift for you we will already reveal some of them! Stay in touch about all our announcements for the upcoming season by following @bmorechristmas on Facebook and Instagram!


1)    Crafting Classes with the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland

As some of you may know already, Christmas Village is a Christmas experience for the whole family. Everybody is welcome to enjoy our authentic German Christmas Market and there are so many things to do! You can give Gingy the Gingerbread Man a big warm hug, take pictures with the whole family at Santa’s Booth or warm up with a hot chocolate topped with whipped cream! We even have a special Kid’s Corner for our youngest guests to hang out and play board games. This being said, here is one awesome announcement: On Saturdays and Sundays, kids can enjoy our new Crafting Classes brought to you by the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland. The Girl Scouts will help your kids craft self-made ornaments and decorations. Play dough and straw will be used and everything will be done just in time for Christmas! Great, isn’t it?


2)    Largest Glühwein selection we ever had at Christmas Village!

This year, we will be serving 6 different flavors of Glühwein (mulled wine) at our market. This makes it the largest selection of our beloved Gluhwein we’ve ever had! For the first time ever the selection also includes the non-alcoholic version called “Kinderpunsch”! Will you go with a red or a white one? Try them and tell us which one your favorite is!


3)    German Games on Sunday December 8th 2019

Remember our famous Bratwurst Eating Contest from the past years? Well – it's coming back! But that's not all. This year, we are bringing even more German competitions to the market! On Sunday December 8th at 3:00pm, Christmas Village will hold its first German Games Contest EVER! Who can eat the most brats at our Bratwurst Eating Contest? Who can lift a beer mug the longest at our “Bierkrugstemmen”? And which team has the coolest costume? Take a chance, bring your holiday spirit and become the first German Games Champion in the history of Christmas Village Baltimore. Register for free by sending an e-mail to!


4)    Fascinating new vendors

This year’s vendor list will, of course, include crowd favorite vendors from the past seasons such as famous German vendor Käthe Wohlfahrt. However, we have expanded the list with many exciting new vendors you should pay a visit when looking for some unique gifts for your loved ones. How does an alcohol infused dessert sound to you? ;-) I know... We can't resist either! Swing by and check out Cynful Bliss and many more of our new vendors!

5)    Pssshhhh... we have a HUGE secret for you

Something completely new is on its way over from Germany to Charm City’s Inner Harbor! We cannot tell you what it is yet, but this mysterious item will bring a whole new festive look to our market. As our brand new centerpiece, this secret item will replace the Christmas Tree in the center of the wooden booths. It is 30 feet tall and will shine bright over the entire Christmas Village event grounds! Any guesses? ;-) Do not miss the big reveal and stay up to date by following @bmorechristmas on Facebook and Instagram. Oh and no worries – our tree will be right next to the Inner Harbor Ice Rink.


5 (funny) Facts about Gingy the Gingerbread Man

Do you love our gingerbread mascot Gingy just as much as we do? We give you five more reasons, you did not know until now but will make you love him even more!

1. Happy Birthday to Gingyyy!

Gingy, our beloved gingerbread man is already turning 7 this year! They grow up so fast...

2. Home sweet home

Originally, Gingy is from the UK but now that he has traveled all the way to the United States he has decided to stay. During off season, Gingy is living his good life up in Philly spending time with his bestie Phil and Christmas Village’s project manager Nancy.

3. Christmas or Chef's hat?

Just like everyone else our favorite gingerbread loves to have options! You might have seen him wearing a Christmas hat on one day and a Chef‘s table the other. What do you think fits him better?

4. After work

Gingy looooooves karaoke - when Christmas Village closes, he often gets on stage for a little after work fun with his team!

5. It’s a….

BOY! The long debate is over: Gingy is in fact a boy! Although with his rosy cheeks and cook’s apron we understand that some may think otherwise. BUT he takes absolutely no offense. 

Holiday differences between Germany and the US

Ever wondered how the Germans celebrate Christmas? Christmas Village and the German Society of Maryland have the answer for you! Spoiler: There are several differences to American Christmas celebrations!

1.  Americans go crazy with their Christmas decorations!

In Germany, people put up their Christmas trees only right before Christmas (usually the day before they actually celebrate) and tear it down on Epiphany (January, 6th). In America, people usually put their trees up much earlier (around Thanksgiving) and will not tear it down for another week after Christmas. Nothing wrong with that … because there can never be too much Christmas, right?!

2. Early presents for the Germans!

Whereas Germans celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, Americans celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day (December, 25th). That means, they also get to open their presents earlier than Americans! Kind of unfair, isn’t it?

3. No stockings for the Germans!

Wait… they do not only get their presents early, they also do not use stockings?! That’s right! In Germany, people will wrap their gifts for their family and friends and put them directly under the Christmas tree. In America, stockings are a big thing. People will put them up next to their fireplaces and wait for Santa to stuff them - what a nice way to receive gifts!

4. Santa or Christkind? Christkind or Santa? 

In Germany, people have the Christkind who arrives on Christmas Eve (when a little bell rings). In America, people have Santa who comes through the chimney and gets a glass of milk and cookies! Here at Christmas Village, we cannot decide - we just love them both!

5. Americans know exactly who makes their presents!

In America, people believe Santa lives at the North Pole with his workshop of elves who make toys for children, and delivers them to all the good kids. In Germany, the Christkind is some sort of angel and therefore kind of magical! That is probably why people can only guess what she is doing over the year and where she is getting all those presents from… (HOOOWEVER: There is a really popular TV show called “Weihnachtsmann & Co KG” a lot of people know which is all about Santa living in the north pole and preparing for Christmas ;))

6.  Seasons Greeting!

Germans visit their families & friends to wish them a Merry Christmas and for the traditional “Christbaum loben” (it’s basically when you tell people how beautifully decorated their Christmas tree is and then get a Schnaps in exchange for the compliment). However, Americans LOVE to send out traditional Christmas cards.

7. Germans only carol on Epiphany!

On Epiphany, Catholics in Germany will have (professional) carol singers coming to their house to bless the house for the next year. In the US in contrast, people will come and carol at your house for a Christmas song during the actual Christmas Season. 

3 things you might not have known about the German Christkind

On past opening weekends, Christmas Village hosted the German Christkind from Nuremberg. During the Official Opening Ceremony, the Christkind already answered some burning questions. However, there still might be things you did not know about her – until now!

1) She’s real

Well, you just saw the Christkind cruising Baltimore’s Inner Harbor on Watermark’s Raven (thanks to the Department of Transportation of the City of Baltimore btw!) and cutting the ribbon right in front of Christmas Village’s heated festival tent, so you might have already figured that she is real. However, there is also an address in Germany where you can mail your wish lists to – and you will actually get an answer. Go try it yourself by mailing: An das Christkind, 51766 Engelskirchen, GERMANY

2) She travels a lot!

During Holiday season, the Christkind is not only visiting a lot of different Christmas Markets all around the world (in the US she has been to Baltimore, Philadelphia and Atlanta), but also has to deliver all of her Christmas presents in time. As there are only a few more weeks before Christmas is finally here, there are stressful times ahead for our favorite angel!

3) You can actually become the Christkind!

Pssst… the last one is a real secret: As the Christkind cannot do all of the traveling herself, she is looking for worthy doubles from time to time. Every year or two, there is the possibility to apply as the Nuremberg Christkind and get selected by local city representatives. But be warned: the process of becoming the Christkind’s double is long and the selection process is hard!

Top 10 things to do at Christmas Village

Holiday Season is approaching quickly and everyone starts making plans for themselves and their families. You still have no clue about what to do with your family during that special time of the year? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Here are the Top 10 things to do at Christmas Village in 2019!

1) Take photos with the only Santa in the Inner Harbor

Did you know Christmas Village hosts the only Santa in the whole Inner Harbor area? On Nov 17, Nov 18, Nov 23, Nov 24, Nov 25, Nov 30 and Dec 1, Dec 2, Dec 7, Dec 8, Dec 9, Dec 14 - 24, 2018, he’s ready to hear your wishes, take pictures and talk about life at the North Pole!

2) Shop unique and original German giftware at Käthe Wohlfahrt

As in past years, original German vendor Käthe Wohlfahrt can be found within the heated festival tent! Here you will once again find some of the most amazing Christmas decoration items! So do yourself and your loved ones a favor and pay a visit to this Winter Wonderland!

3) Taste the most amazing Bratwurst in town

One of many amazing news in 2019 is that our swivel grill (Made in Germany – of course) which will provide the Christmas Village crowds with freshly grilled brats is back – YUM! Stop by the booth and watch how your food gets prepared right in front of your eyes!

4) Ride our Ferris Wheel

YES, Christmas Village has a new attraction and it’s a Ferris Wheel. Take a ride and enjoy the most beautiful view of the Inner Harbor and two majestic Christmas trees!

5) Try some German Hofbräu beer

This one needs a little preparation, so read carefully: every Friday, Christmas Village will be offering Beer Tastings. Grab your friends, get your tickets and experience great fun on Friyays!

6) Hang out with Baltimore’s mascots

Every weekend Christmas Village has a motto. This year we’ve added something really exciting: a Mascot Weekend. On December 14th & 15th a bunch of mascots from the Baltimore area will hold a parade along the Inner Harbor’s promenade and compete in a dance-off to win the title of the “Most Magical Mascot”! Not only your kids will love this – we promise!

7) Make use of the Dollar or Less Days!

There is one weekend at the beginning of December everybody is already talking about: the Dollar or Less Days. Of course, Christmas Village will also be part of it! Swing by our heated festival tent, shop till you drop, enjoy the performances and the authentic European food – for ONLY ONE DOLLAR (kids are free of admission)!

8) Visit our Kid’s Corner

Your kids are not a big fan of shopping at Käthe all day long? No worries, they will love our kid’s corner instead! Here, we have it all: Face painting and balloon artists, life-sized-games, and a photo booth! What are you waiting for?

9) Take a holiday picture at our photo booth

Did we just say photo booth? Yes! Visit this cute little tent right next to the kid’s corner to make sweet memories here at Christmas Village. We have not only cute little accessories but also changing backdrops!

10) Take home some German treats

Finish your visit at the Christmas Village by stopping by one of our food vendors and get yourself a sweet treat. (Pssst… we can totally recommend the roasted almonds and would die for one of those Crêpes!)

5 completely new vendors at Christmas Village

Christmas Village is about to start and our vendors are already preparing their unique and handcrafted giftware for you to shop (until you drop)! 

Today, we’d like to introduce you to 5 new vendors who will be joining us for this year’s 6th Annual Christmas Village in Baltimore right at the Inner Harbor:

1) Dezigns By JJ

Dezigns by JJ’s customized Wine Stoppers are the perfect gift for yourself or a friend to preserve your favorite wines. The decorative stoppers adds its own holiday charm to the bottles themselves.

2) Schokolat

Who doesn’t love chocolate around the holiday times? Indulge in these uniquely manufactured chocolate novelty gifts which can be purchased at the “Schokolat” booth.

3) Man Cave Basic Plus

Looking for a unique gift for your favorite person this year? You can find some of your favorite drawn patents on handmade frames with “Man Cave Plus”.

4) Wolf’s Den Holistic

“Wolf’s Den Holistic” has a variety of cosmetic products and crystal jewels for purchase at this year’s Christmas Village. These natural organic products bring an ambiance of joy to a festive household.

5) Annie’s Pooch Pops

While “Annie’s Pooch Pops” haven’t been at Christmas Village last year, the now have returned with deliciously healthy dog treats. The perfect gift for your pup or a family friend with pups, these treats are appealing to both – the eye and the stomach.

What's new?

Christmas Village will be back at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor in November! We’re excited and have lots of awesome news to announce!

1) We’re moving: to the promenade!

Christmas Village’s authentic wooden booths will be within the heated festival tent, around the majestic Christmas tree and also on the promenade up until the Visitor Center. Therefore, the village will offer a lot of new space to explore – how exciting, huh?

2) The Official Christmas Village tree will be moved right next to the PANDORA Ice Rink.

This will add some extra charm to the promenade – especially on November 17th when the 21-feet-tall-tree will be illuminated during the official Tree Lighting Ceremony!

3) Be the first one in the tent: Preview Weekend on November 17th – 18th!

For the first time ever, Christmas Village offers the possibility to catch a first glimpse, stroll the venue and taste the authentic European food before the official Opening Weekend. What a great opportunity to get into the Holiday mood early this year!

4) Raclette Cheese is coming!

Something we cannot wait for are aaaall the new food options Christmas Village will offer this year! There will not only be freshly grilled brats from our original German swivel grill, but also Belgian Fries and RACLETTE CHEESE! The last one is totally worth the extra pounds we’ll all gain – YUM!

5) New season, new Christmas Village, new stage!

In 2018, Christmas Village will be back with a completely new stage area and exciting performances. However, if you know an artist – or happen to be an artist yourself – who’d also like to take over that utterly awesome improvement: hit us up!

6) Last but not least: MASCOT WEEKEND!

Yes, you read it right! One of our new weekend events in cooperation with Mascots for a Cure will include (almost) all of Baltimore’s mascots! They will not only participate in a parade along the Inner Harbor’s promenade but also compete for the title of the “Most Magical Mascot” in our HUGE mascot dance-off! 


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