Vendors at Christmas Village in Baltimore

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Vendor List and Layout Plan 2019

Special Booths

Santa's House

Santa photograpy

Booth #48


Kitchen Saver

Sponsor - custom kitchen cabinet refacing.

Booth #17


Bath Fitter

Sponsor - bathroom remodeling and solutions.

Booth #18

Christmas Ornaments

Käthe Wohlfahrt

Käthe Wohlfahrt is Germany’s top Christmas ornament and decor company, reflecting traditional German handicraft for over 50 years. 

Tent Anchor

Myroslava Creations

Ukrainian embroidered shirts, towels, hand-painted real egg shells (pysanky), carved Santas and Mrs. Clause.

Booth #4



Electric Fish

I.Q. lights and Christmas ornament pottery.

Booth #11

Nordic Dreams Giftware

Scandinavian ornaments and gifts made out of glass, wood, felt and more.

Booth #14


Andrey's Gifts from Afar

Russian Christmas ornaments, nested dolls, wooden ornaments, amber jewelry, wooden carved Santas, laquered boxes, birchbark boxes, glass animals.

Booth #41


Arts and Crafts

Art of Words

Iconic images created from handwritten words. We offer standard size prints that may just be the perfect gift.

Booth #5

Chopstick Art

Up-cycling of discarded chopstick into home accessory products.

Booth #6


Thru Sherri's Eyes Studio

Unique, custom personalized etched glass.

Booth #12

The Coaster Mill

Coasters with vintage photos of Baltimore, Washington D.C. and other cities.

Booth #26

Mel's Workshop

Wood and fabric accessories and gift items with cat and dog designs.

Booth #45

Man Cave Basics Plus

Prints, home decor and man cave items.

Booth #47

Art by Barton

Silkscreen prints of architectural landmarks in custom handmade metal frames.

Booth #50


Fashion & Beauty

JoLina Boutique

Leggins, jewelry and more.

Booth #10


Wolf's Den

Fragrance oils, soaps and artisan salts.

Booth #13

Pals Socks

Fun mismatched socks for social change.

Booth #15

Tibet Tree Of Life

Singing bowls, handbags, belts and shawls.

Booth #19

Premium Cashmere

Cashmere shawls, rugs and other gifts from India.

Booth #25

Pressed Up

Custom apparel.

Booth #30

Imperium Woodcraft

Handmade wooden razors and shaving kits.

Booth #37

Land of Wool & Felt

Handmade hats, handbags and paper art from Nepal/Himalaya.

Booth #38

Milk Reclamation Barn

Candles and premium scents.

Booth #39

Rachel's Andean Treasures

Jewelry, textiles and accessories.

Booth #49

Jewelry & Accessories

Bella U

Bella U is a boutique offering jewelry, clothing, accessories and more. Be pleasantly surprised if you are searching for a great look or a perfect gift.

Booth #7

The Fast Turtle

Designer jewelry.

Booth #8


Fine jewelry, earpins and earcuffs.

Booth #27

World of Wool, Crafts & Accessories 

Handmade Native American musical instruments and crafts.

Booth #40

Toys & Gifts


Reusable, multi-purpose gel packs.

Booth #20



Wine accessories.

Booth #21

Ye Olde Gamery

Original gamepuzzles in acrylic and wood, playable art. Geometric mosaics form many beautiful designs, play unique games. Great fun for all ages.

Booth #22


Cutlery, kitchen knives and accessories.

Booth #24


Piggyback Treats

Pet treats, toys, accessories and care items.

Booth #34

New York Puzzle Company

Jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, ceramic mugs and memory games.

Booth #36


Pacific Soul

Artisan handicrafts from all over the world.

Booth #46

Food & Beverage

Schnitzel Hut

German Schnitzel with potato salad, latke or as a Schnitzelburger.

Booth #1

Honey from Germany

Delicious honey from Germany.

Booth #2


Kurt's Delikatessen

Large variety of imported German delicacies such as sausages, sweets including Kinder products and marzipan, dumplings, coffee and much more. 

Booth #3



Uniquely shaped chocolate gifts.

Booth #9

Chocolate Moonshine DMV

Fine chocolate truffle bars and fudge.

Booth #16

Twin Valley Distillers

Craft spirits - Bourbon, whiskeys and rums.

Booth #23

Choc Distro

Truffles, chocolates, goufrais and stroop waffles.

Booth #28

Hot Beverages

Warm up with a cup of hot chocolate, cider, coffee or tea at our hot beverages booth! Make sure to get your drink in one of our collector's mugs with changing motifs every year!

Booth #29

Beer Stand

Hofbräu beers imported directly from Munich! We have the Hofbräu Original, Dunkel (dark), Hefeweizen (wheat) and Oktoberfest on draft as well as bottled beers. New addition for the season: a bottled winter beer!

Booth #31

German Grill

Bratwurst, Knackwurst, Leberkäse and Weisswurst fresh from the grill! Sides include potato salad, pretzels and more. Special: our Bavarian burger!


Swiss Raclette

Swiss raclette served on fresh bread.

Booth #33

Belgian Fries

Get enchanted by the delicious taste of our Belgian fries!

Booth #33


Cynful Bliss

Alcohol infused desserts.

Booth #35


Roasted nuts and cotton candy.

Booth #42


Sweet and savory crepes served hot, vegetables and fruits are fresh. Ham & cheese and dulce de leche turtle are chef's favorite. Nutella banana is most popular and sweet cheese delight was recently awarded. The customers are most often caught by surprise how huge our crepes are.

Booth #43

JD's House of Bacon

Skewered bacon and bacon crumbles.

Booth #44